Zelensky: The Russian Army Is Trying To Compensate For Its Losses By Stepping Up Attacks

In a speech addressed to the Ukrainian people, Zelensky said that on the 83rd day of the war he witnessed missile strikes in the Lviv, Sumy and Chernihiv regions, in addition to air strikes in the Lugansk region and “targeted sabotage” activities in the border regions of Ukraine, as he put it.

“All of this not only creates tension for our state, and it is not only a test of our strength. It is a kind of attempt by the Russian military to compensate for the series of shortcomings in the east and south of our country, ”he added. .

He added: “They cannot prove the success of general military action in the areas they are trying to advance. Therefore, they are trying to prove success through their missiles and other activities to no avail.”

“These attacks, like many previous attacks, do not fundamentally change anything, especially as our air defense and anti-sabotage measures have become stronger,” he added.

In his speech, Zelensky indicated that he had a very fruitful conversation with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz on defense support for Ukraine and cooperation at the European Union level.

He added that he briefed Schulz on the current situation on the battlefield and possible developments in this situation, adding that he also discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron “the sixth package of sanctions against Russia that is being prepared in the Union European”.

He added: “We also discussed the negotiation process with Russia and the evacuation of our heroes from Azovstal. The evacuation mission continues and is supervised by our military and intelligence, and the most influential international mediators are involved.”

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