You have a question? FP Answers aims to find the information you need

Introducing a new initiative at the Financial Post where you ask the questions and we find the answers

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In an increasingly complex world, the Financial Post should be the first place to look for answers. How will inflation affect my portfolio? When should I take CPP? Should I wear a mask at work?

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We want to hear your questions, so we can find answers not just for you, but for all of our readers. In the process, our goal is to learn more about the issues that matter most to you so we can better shape our coverage to serve you.

To further this goal, we are introducing FP Answers, a new initiative at the Financial Post that puts readers in the driver’s seat.

Is that how it works. First, submit a question on our website. You’ll also find forms embedded in stories on, and we’ll share links to question forms in our newsletters (sign up for newsletters here).

It can be anything you want to know about personal finance, real estate, or work. Our reporters and experts will select a question, find the answer, and turn it into an article for everyone to read.

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