York City Council warns about Kinder Eggs

The CITY of York City Council is advising retailers, including small independent and franchised retailers, to be aware of a recall of various Kinder products related to an outbreak of Salmonella.

Several young children have become ill, and many reported cases have been admitted to hospital.

Products include certain Kinder Surprise eggs, mini eggs and Schokobons.

Councilor Carol Runciman, executive member of Adult Health and Social Care, said: “We want to advise retailers, especially smaller independent and franchised food retailers, to be aware of the product recall and to ensure that affected products have been recalled and withdrawn from sale and make it clear that members of the public are encouraged not to purchase any of these products.

The council says businesses in the city should continue to display the point-of-sale notice in a prominent position that increases the likelihood that consumers will see the recall.

Should more unsafe products be identified, more product recall information notices will be issued.

More information is available on the UK Health Security Agency website at https://www.food.gov.uk/news-alerts/news/further-kinder-products-recalled-following-an-outbreak- of-salmonella

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