Would Gary Janetti join RHOBH with Brad Goreski? He says…

But it is in these “strange contradictions of life” that he connects moments from his past and present. “I remember when I was a child, the closest person to me in the world was my next door neighbor, Irene. She was my second mother. For 40 years, she was the closest person to me in the world, and she is something weird,” he said. “And I think maybe it’s like she never wants to talk to the neighbors because she already had the best.”

Another one of Janetti’s hilarious real-life contradictions? Her stance on destination weddings.

“I’m talking about how you were invited to a wedding and it was just that night, you went to the wedding. You came home the same day. You didn’t have to pack up and buy a plane ticket,” he joked. “Don’t make me fly somewhere and take a vacation to go to your wedding. I don’t want to see my own family for that long, let alone yours. But then, ironically, Brad and I had a destination wedding that It lasted two weeks.”

Along with his 2019 debut book Do you mind if I cancel?: (Things that still bother me)another of his latest projects was HBO Max Princea fictional cartoon about prince george‘s life, which ran for one season in 2021. Since he starred in and created the series, you’d think he’d be an expert on the British. Royal family. You would be wrong!

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