Woman opens emergency exit and inflates slide on plane at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY (WIVB) — According to NFTA officials, a 24-year-old woman from Sacramento, California, was arrested at Buffalo Niagara International Airport Tuesday night after what is described as “unruly behavior.”

The pilot was reportedly preparing to take off, but due to passenger mess, he had to return to the gate when the incident occurred.

“Cynthia McKnight faces a range of charges including disorderly conduct, stalking, trespassing and criminal conduct,” NFTA Director of Public Affairs Helen Tederous told News 4. “According to detectives, McKnight opened the door to the cabin of the plane. The American Airlines flight was headed to Chicago.”

Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Spencer Brown was on board the plane when the incident occurred and tweeted about it later.

“Sitting on a plane. A lady is angry,” Brown said. “The lady pulls the inflatable emergency slide to escape the plane. Lady is running wild around the track right now. Police have arrived. Ruined flight. Memories made. Noise”

He ended the post with a thumbs-up emoji and then posted a photo of the slide (above) on the tarmac from his spot on the plane.

Local lawyer Alfonzo Cutaia also tweeted his opinion of the incident from inside the plane and shared the photo above with News 4.

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