Williams hails progress of Libyan constitutional process in Cairo

Williams indicated that “a preliminary agreement was reached on 137 articles” of the constitution, noting that the meeting agreed on the second chapter related to rights and freedoms, as well as the two chapters on legislative and judicial authority, with the exception of one few items that “do not exceed the fingers of one hand”.

Williams’ comments came at the end of the work of the joint committee between the Libyan House of Representatives and the High Council of State in Cairo.

He said that he respects and appreciates the efforts made by all to achieve tangible progress in these consultations and to continue jointly seeking consensus and constructive solutions to the points of conflict.

The UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser urged members of the Libyan Constitutional Track Committee to reach a final consensus on the remaining articles.

The head of the Libyan Parliament delegation at the meetings of the constitutional track in Cairo, Representative Suleiman Al-Faqih, confirmed the compatibility of about 140 articles of the draft Libyan constitution.

He pointed out that “the next round, during the coming weeks, will resolve the full consensus on the controversial articles between the House of Representatives and the Libyan State”, and explained that the meetings organized by Cairo “witnessed a positive interaction of the State Delegation of Council”.

The head of the Supreme Council of State delegation at the constitutional track meetings in Cairo, Representative Shaaban Abu Sitta, said that “the Libyan people are hoping to achieve a consensus between the Parliament and the Council of State through dialogue constitutional way, explaining that a consensus is reached on the articles of the constitution, since it is the necessary constitutional basis for the holding of elections”.

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