Will the new EU rules regulate Big Tech? | European Union

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The EU is moving to force tech companies to remove illegal content online or face huge fines.

It is being hailed as the beginning of a new era for online protection.

The European Union has passed rules to force big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to remove illegal content.

If they don’t, they could be fined billions of dollars.

The rules are intended to protect users from content that promotes “terrorism,” sexual abuse, and commercial scams.

Companies will also need to disclose how they deal with misinformation and propaganda.

Last month, the EU passed separate legislation to prevent anti-competitive behavior by tech companies.

So how will the regulations work?

And could they limit innovation and freedom of expression on the Internet?

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Johannes Bahrke – Coordinating Spokesperson for Digital Economy, Research and Innovation at the European Commission

Catalina Goanta – Associate Professor of Private Law and Technology, Utrecht University

Thomas Vinje – Partner and Co-Chairman of the Global Antitrust Group at the law firm Clifford Chance

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