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CONCORD, NH, USA (AP) — The wife of a New Hampshire man accused of killing his co-worker after discovering they were texting — then forcing her to behead him — denied shooting him. Wednesday and said her husband strangled and beat her and finally put his gun in her mouth that night.

“You know you’re going to die tonight, right?” Britany Barron, 33, testified that her husband, Armando Barron, said in September 2020, shortly before the two left the house to go to the park where she allegedly used her phone to tell the co-worker that you will find her there.

“Don’t do anything stupid or the girls are going to get into something awful,” she testified that he said as they left. He had sent the couple’s three young children to his grandmother’s house next door.

She also testified that just a week before, she had told Armando that she no longer loved him and that she wanted a divorce. When he heard that, he grabbed her throat and started to choke her, saying, “Are you serious?”

Britany, who asked a prosecutor in the Keene courtroom to address her by her maiden name, Mitchell, denied early in her testimony that she was the one who shot Jonathan Amerault, as a defense attorney alleged during opening statements on Tuesday. She singled out her husband as the shooter.

Barron has pleaded not guilty to killing 25-year-old Amerault. He admitted in court Tuesday that he punched Britany, broke her nose, tried to choke her and kicked Amerault in the head.

Prosecutors allege that Armando Barron, 32, used his wife’s cell phone to lure Amerault to the park just north of the Massachusetts state line the night he discovered the text messages, assaulted Amerault and tried to coerce his wife to shoot him. She rejected it. He also forced her to stand on her neck and cut her wrists, they said. Armando Barron eventually forced Amerault into the back of the victim’s car and had his wife drive him 200 miles (322 kilometers) to a remote campsite.

There, Armando Barron allegedly forced her to cut off Amerault’s head and bury it and wrap the body in a tarp. He left her to dispose of her body and returned home, according to court documents.

Britany testified that she and Amerault got to know each other better while working on a project in the days before her death and communicated through text messages and social media apps. One afternoon, they drove to a nearby park after work and talked. She described him as kind, sweet, and funny.

“I said I couldn’t offer him anything but friendship,” she testified, then gave him a quick kiss when he drove her back to work so she could get her car. They shared one more kiss during a break at work that week, one day before the texts were discovered.

Britany pleaded guilty last year to three counts of falsifying evidence and was paroled last month. He apologized to Amerault’s family during his sentence.

The Associated Press did not name the couple so as not to identify Britany Barron, who said she suffered extreme abuse. Through her attorney, she recently agreed to the use of her name.

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