Why Stassi Schroeder “Uninvited” Bomb Rules Thrown at Wedding

why only two Vander’s Bomb Rules cast members attend Stassi Schroeder Y beautiful clarkThe Rome wedding?

Following Thursday’s intimate ceremony, a source explains why Stassi and her husband chose to keep their wedding small, with several of her former co-stars including Shay Shay, jax-taylor, brittany carter, Kristen DouteY Lala Kentit is nowhere to be seen.

“Stassi had to cut back on her guest list,” a source told Us Weekly on May 11. “Some of his family, friends and former co-stars of his, including Scheana, had to be disinvited.”

After arriving in Italy days earlier, Stassi, Beau and their 16-month-old daughter, Hartford Charlie Rose Clarkjoined her family, including each of her sisters, and friends, including Katie Maloney Y tom schwartzwho announced plans for a divorce, a bachelorette party on Tuesday and a welcome back dinner on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Scheana was on her way to New York City for a live recording of her scheananigans podcast, Lala was in Nashville for her Give them Lala Live tour, and Brittany and Kristen were spending time together before Kristen’s trip to Hawaii with her boyfriend alex manache.

James Kennedy, Thomas Sandoval, Ariana MadixY Rachel Levis were also absent.

In other news, Stassi’s status as a bestselling author is being called into question after the former reality star took to her Instagram page with a video of herself crying, declaring that her second book, Out of My Head: The Ultimate B-tch Primer for Surviving Rock Bottomhad landed on the New York Times bestseller list.

“Holy shit. out of my head is a New York Times bestseller!!! OMG. He feels terribly surreal being recognized twice…and ignores the foils. Being a blonde is high maintenance,” Stassi captioned his post, giving a nod to his first book, Next Basic Level: The Ultimate Basic Manual for Dogs.

Also with his post, Stassi included a screenshot of the listing, which featured the word “gallery” and a dagger symbol.

According to Radar Online, some believe that Stassi used a shady trick to get to the number eight bestseller spot because the dagger seen on his listing indicates that the author made the list as a result of bulk orders. And as Gawker explained, the bulk orders could suggest that large orders for the book were placed by “those who had a stake in the book’s success.”

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