WH Smith shopping at Perth Airport

Came in to shop at the WS Smith store at Perth Airport earlier this week. Here are some comments and photos. First of all, the areas that face challenges with staffing, like many in retail, are:

Their coffee offering was popular.

They offered a selection of sweets and nuts to choose from which seemed strange to me given Covid. This photo doesn’t even show half of the range available in the store.

Their time to serve the engagement at their food counter was interesting. I was wondering if it was in response to something.

Your signage for each product category is great, makes shopping easy.

Driving into the main check-in area, their magazine promotion for impulse buys is a good one, as I’ve seen at many other WH Smith outlets in overseas train locations.

I checked in and was surprised that they charged a surcharge for credit card usage since the cost of processing credit card payments is less than the cost of handling cash. Anyway, I used a card and sure enough I was charged 3 cents more for this. What makes it more galling is that I bought a candy product and paid double what I would have paid in a supermarket. More fool me.

In general, the store is well laid out, clean, tidy… what is needed to be in a place of transit. The credit card charge is the only flaw of the visit.

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