Western Australian candidates fight virtually for climate change

WA candidates of all political persuasions expressed their opinion in an online forum on climate change, but the Liberal member did not show up.

(Image: EPA/DFES/Evan Collis/Private Media)

We’re three minutes into the Hasluck candidate forum on climate change before the first “I think you’re silent…”

This is one of the few election events to take place on Zoom, as the final echoes of Western Australia’s heightened COVID-19 restrictions finally fade more or less completely on Friday. It feels like the end of a minor and very specific era, the characteristic form of public meetings of the last two years beginning to feel kitsch, about to disappear.

This event is organized by the Western Australian Conservation Council and the Perth Hills Climate Change Interest Group. The group is one of many for whom the impacts of climate change are by no means theoretical; the “Hills” (an imprecise term locals use for the Darling Ranges east of Perth and some of the surrounding hinterland) turn into a twisted clump of tinder in dry conditions, and it has a long history of bushfires to prove it.

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