West Midlands among the most stressed regions – see the full list

Many factors can have an impact on a person’s ability to relax, especially the environment.

Where we live can have a big effect on stress levels, as pollution, crime rates, and even the weather have all been shown to affect mood.

According to Forbes Advisor, 79 per cent of British adults feel stressed at least once a month, so life insurance experts were keen to find out which regions of England have the most laid back and least laid back residents. .

Each county in England was analyzed to determine how stressed residents were considering searches for terms such as “how to reduce stress”, “stress relief” and “relaxation techniques”. From this, experts were able to determine the regions most in need of relief.

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England’s most stressed regions

Bristol ranked as the most stressed region in Britain. Image: Google Maps

Bristol is the region with the most stressed residents coming out of the bottom of the table in 46th place. Bristol’s crime rate is 20 per cent higher than the average for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, what may be contributing to this.

The West Midlands did not fare as well either, appearing third on the ‘most stressed’ list.

Other areas that also scored poorly included Merseyside, the West Midlands, Tyne and Wear and Greater Manchester, which make up the top five most stressed regions.

Here’s the full list, including the total number of searches and what that equates to per resident:

one. Bristol board – 1,580 searches – 0.00361 per resident

two. merseyside – 3,380 searches – 0.00265 per resident

3. West Midlands – 6,570 searches – 0.00247 per resident

Four. tyne and wear – 2,480 searches – 0.00242 per resident

5. Greater Manchester – 6,080 searches – 0.00234 per resident

6. West Yorkshire – 4,930 searches – 0.00233 per resident

7. leicestershire – 2,260 searches – 0.00229 per resident

8. cambridgeshire – 1,700 searches – 0.00218 per resident

9. south yorkshire – 2,760 searches – 0.00216 per resident

10 Hertfordshire – 2,310 searches – 0.00213 per resident

Less stressed regions of England

Stourbridge News: Durham ranked first on the list of least stressed regions.  Image: Google MapsDurham ranked first on the list of least stressed regions. Image: Google Maps

Durham County ranks as the region with the most relaxed residents, based on search data for stress-related terms. Only 670 searches were performed for all stress-related terms combined by locals in the county, a minuscule 0.0008 searches per resident.

Famous views of Durham city center’s cathedral, world-class university and flowing River Wear may help explain why residents feel at peace. Outside of the city, 57 percent of the county is classified as ‘rural’, giving residents plenty of green space as well.

Here’s the full list of the least stressed places, including the total number of searches and what that amounts to per resident:

one. Durham County – 670 searches – 0.00088 per resident

two. Nottinghamshire – 1,230 searches – 0.00117 per resident

3. Gloucestershire – 1,080 searches – 0.00124 per resident

Four. Northumberland – 480 searches – 0.00166 per resident

5. Somersault – 1,530 searches – 0.00167 per resident

6. berkshire – 1,470 searches – 0.0017 per resident

7. east sussex – 1,390 searches – 0.00173 per resident

8. Herefordshire – 330 searches – 0.00183 per resident

9. Dorset – 1,350 searches – 0.00184 per resident

10 north yorkshire – 1,990 searches – 0.00187 per resident

Offering advice on how to reduce stress, Forbes consultant Laura Howard said: “Few of us lead completely stress-free lives. But for some, stress can be debilitating and damaging to their health and well-being.

“Reducing stress levels can help people be healthier and happier, and the good news is that there are many effective ways to do this that are free and easily accessible.

“For example, we should never underestimate the value of simply getting some fresh air, whether it’s a trip to the countryside or just a visit to the local park. Exercise can also be very beneficial, even if it’s just a walk around the block. It’s about triggering the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

“It’s also likely that making time to chat with friends or family makes you feel better. Anything that brings a new perspective can put problems in perspective and ease feelings of anxiety.

“Some environments may be more conducive to living a stress-free existence than others. But wherever you are, taking steps to reduce stress levels has to be a good idea.”

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