Wednesday, launch of the “Noble Number” charity auction for distinguished numbers in Abu Dhabi

  • Unique vehicle license plate numbers:
  • 2, 11 and 20 of the second category, 99 of the first category, and triple 999 of the second

Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”

In conjunction with “Zayed Humanitarian Day”, the “Noble Number” charity auction will be launched on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 in Abu Dhabi, to support the efforts of the “Billion Meals” initiative, the largest in the region, organized by the “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives”, by allocating its income to provide food aid to the needy and the poor, especially vulnerable groups of children, refugees, displaced persons and those affected by crises and disasters in 50 countries.

A group of businessmen, charitable and humanitarian pioneers and supporters of the UAE’s relief efforts around the world will take part in the charity auction as they bid for five different vehicle license plate numbers and ten different mobile phone numbers, all proceeds from it will once again support the humanitarian goals of the “Billion Meals” initiative and address the challenge of hunger, which threatens the lives of 800 million people in the world.

The “Noble Number” charity auction is organized in Abu Dhabi by “Emirates Auctions”, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police, “Emirates Etisalat” and Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company “Du”.

exclusive numbers

The Abu Dhabi Charity Auction displays the distinctive Abu Dhabi vehicle license plate numbers, which are second category number 2, second category numbers 11 and 20, first category 99, and second category triple number 999 category. .

The auction will take place on the evening of Wednesday, April 20, at the Emirates Palace Hotel.

The third most expensive special number

This comes after hosting a similar cycle of the “Noble Number” charity auction in Dubai on Saturday 16 April, and managed to raise Dh53 million to support the “One Billion Meals” initiative. It also recorded the sale of the third most expensive unique number for vehicle registration, worth 35 million dirhams, for the AA8 license plate issued in Dubai, and the Etisalat diamond mobile number 0549999999 fetched 5 million dirhams.

Diamond and special numbers

The “Noble Number” charity auction in Abu Dhabi also displays a group of mobile phone numbers distinguished from “Etisalat” and “du”.

The “Etisalat” diamond number list includes five exclusive numbers: 0547444444, 0542244444, 05424222222, 0547799999, 05677777722

Du also offers five different numbers: 0589999996, 0586666662, 0581111114, 0582444444, 0586222222.

Innovation to widen the circle of charities

Charity auctions are an innovative option to expand the circle of humanitarian work by engaging humanitarian entrepreneurs and pioneers in specific initiatives such as “Billion Meals” which seeks to provide a food safety net from the UAE to those in need in the most needy areas.

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