“We will return to the days of our master Yusuf” .. Sisi provokes an interaction with a communiqué on wheat in Egypt by opening an agricultural project

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has sparked an interaction between activists on social media following remarks he made during the opening of Egypt’s Future Project for Agricultural Production, and what said about the deal with wheat and corn. crops.

Activists circulated the video clip of Sisi’s statement, which was picked up by local media, in which the Egyptian president said: “We go back to the days of our teacher Youssef, why did he slander the wheat in its ears? Because if there were worked for him a harvest and that’s how the wheat was left in front of us. It can’t last 3 or 4 years, and it spoils, it spoils…”

Al-Sisi continued: “And corn with moisture cannot be stored, and therefore when we talk about developed countries that are religious in corn, they have the opportunity to dry corn and give it to us as a dryer, so take the transportation and the export and storage process after that.”

And he added: “He did not work with us, and if he did, he did not work in large areas, and that is why corn must be consumed on time. The dryers you are talking about allow me to put the corn in the silo and store it when I dry it…”

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