Warning against leaving 9 dangerous things inside the vehicle in summer

The Ministry of the Interior, represented by the General Command of Civil Protection, has warned not to leave 9 tools and materials inside the vehicle, when temperatures rise during the summer, due to its great danger, and can cause vehicle fire accidents .

He indicated that these things are: gas bottles, lighter, compressed perfume bottle, hand sanitizer package, electronic cigarettes, scooters, portable charger and phone battery and gas cylinders.

He warned vehicle owners that all of these tools, except for sterilizers, can cause fires inside car parts, and called for caution and caution, and to make sure the vehicle is free of these tools.

During recent years, the country’s roads witnessed several accidents, which caused vehicles to burn while driving, or after collisions with other vehicles, resulting in damage to their drivers.

The General Command of the Civil Defense of the Ministry of the Interior warned that the cars contain flammable elements, such as liquid fuels, oils and internal components, such as plastics, rubber and others.

He indicated that there are main reasons that lead to the ignition of car fires, which are shocks and damage, fuel leakage and its contact with a heat source, leaving oils and pressurized containers with flammable materials, such as lighters and gas cylinders. , subject to high temperature inside the vehicle, lack of electrical and mechanical maintenance, and uneven height normal engine temperature.

To prevent car fires, he advised drivers to daily monitor cooling water and engine oil rates, perform maintenance by a specialized technician, protect the vehicle and its users, and close the fuel tank cap tightly. , to prevent leaks and avoid the risk of ignition, refrain from smoking and stop the engine when refueling the vehicle, and keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in case of need.

Before and during the summer season, Civil Protection is interested in implementing a package of preventive measures and measures represented in raising the rate of preparation to face the effects that may arise from high temperatures and unusual weather conditions that prevail in periods and days during the season. summer season, in addition to the dissemination of awareness bulletins in all the media and on social networks that explain to members of society the measures to be taken during this chapter to ensure their safety and that of their assets.

He called on motorists to take all preventive measures in their vehicles to avoid the risks that may occur with the arrival of summer and high temperatures and to take advantage of the advice and instructions of Civil Protection in this regard, and the need to contact immediately the Civil Defense in cases of emergency.

In this context, the Civil Defense General Command has established a package of requirements and advice to be followed by motorists to prevent fires and car accidents in all their forms, in order to preserve citizen security that the Ministry of the Interior works on promote among all members of society.

Requirements include maintenance of an appropriate fire extinguisher, training in its use and maintenance, protection for the vehicle and its users, maintenance of a first aid kit and training in its use to save vehicle users and help others, and the availability of a flashlight, which is one of the necessary supplies to deal with emergency situations at night, in addition to maintaining a reflective warning triangle where its presence protects vehicle users while waiting for an emergency, since it protects others from possible risks in its absence.

The conditions and tips also include tightly closing the fuel tank cap to prevent fuel leaks and the risk of ignition, refraining from smoking and turning off the engine when refuelling, checking the engine oil and cooling water levels daily, performing maintenance operations by a technician specialized in the protection of the vehicle and the protection of its users, and in the monitoring of the unusual increase in the temperature of the Engine and periodic electrical and mechanical maintenance.

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