Victoria police say dozens arrested in crackdown on suspected gangs

Dozens of young people suspected of being linked to some of Melbourne’s most dangerous street gangs have been arrested in a police crackdown.

Dozens of youths suspected of being linked to street gangs have been arrested and deadly weapons seized as part of a major crackdown in Melbourne.

The operation in North West Melbourne saw 54 people arrested for robbery, weapons possession, petty theft, carjacking and evading police.

Of those arrested, 24 people were under the age of 25 and suspected of being linked to street gangs, police said.

During the four-day action called Operation Alliance, a fight broke up and weapons, including two large hunting knives, were seized.

The planned fight was expected in Brimbank last Friday when police stormed the venue, surrounding roads, public transport hubs and parks to prevent the fight.

Three men were arrested inside a car in Brookfield and discovered two large hunting knives, a taser and suspected drugs.

A 19-year-old from Kurunjang was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, possession of a controlled weapon and possession of dependent drugs and will face court later this year.

Two knives were seized at the Sunshine train station when police conducted a weapons search and 15 people were arrested.

Acting Superintendent Shane Brundell said police are quickly arresting suspected “worst young offenders” and that Brimbank and Melton face less serious offences.

“In part because of the proactive approach we’re taking to quickly arrest our worst young offenders and ensure those on bail are where they need to be and comply with conditions like curfews,” he said.

The focus on juvenile delinquency must be balanced to break the long-term cycle of recidivism, said Superintendent Brundell.

“That is why we also engage as early as possible with those on the fringes of youth gangs, such as younger siblings of gang members, to ensure their lives are not thrown off course by being drawn into serious and violent crime.”

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