Vancouver Weather: Rain, windstorm expected Tuesday, Wednesday

It is not known where the storm will be worst.

Environment Canada is warning Metro Vancouver residents to prepare for a spring storm.

In a special meteorological statement for the region, the federal agency warns that “strong and gusty winds” will arrive. In some areas, storm activity will begin Tuesday night, while reaching Vancouver on Wednesday.

An unusually strong low pressure system will make landfall on Vancouver Island Tuesday night, bringing strong southeasterly winds and heavy precipitation across much of the southern coast.

It has not yet been determined who will feel the brunt of the storm.

“There is some uncertainty in the exact path of the center of low pressure. This will affect which communities see the strongest winds,” says Environment Canada, noting that they will continue to update their advisories as more data is collected.

While it’s unclear where the winds will hit, rainier weather is likely to miss out on Vancouver, as higher ground areas along the Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound and the North Shore Mountains are being warned of clouds that shed as much as 70 mm of precipitation during the storm.

Depending on elevation, that could mean snow, thanks to the storm also bringing cold temperatures.

“The storm will be accompanied by freezing levels of 1,100 to 1,500 m, which means precipitation will fall as heavy snow in the mountains,” says Environment Canada.

Similar declarations have been issued on Vancouver Island and throughout the South Coast regions.

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