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adam kinzingerthe Republican congressman from Illinois who has repeatedly strayed from the party line when it comes to matters of donald trump and the January 6 attack about him united states capitolwent to CNN to comment on the Trump-endorsed candidate madison cawthorn lose your seat House.

“It’s good for the country. It’s good for party. It’s good for District 11 North CarolinaKinzinger said. “Look, DC has become kind of a breeding ground for people who are more interested in fame than ruling, who are more interested in becoming famous than doing really serious work at a time when we have a lot of people. challenges here at home and many challenges abroad. Luckily he lost.”

He continued: “It’s good to see him lose.”

who wins the republican primaries for Senate in PennsylvaniaMehmed Ozthe famous doctor better known as dr ozeither Dave McCormicka former hedge fund boss – will face John Fettermanlieutenant governor, who easily won the Democratic primarieseven though a stroke took him off the campaign trail the last weekend before the election.


I am *so* deeply honored.

– John Fetterman (@JohnFetterman) May 18, 2022

Joe Biden Fetterman endorsed yesterday.

Amid numerous scandals, first-term congressman madison cawthorn lost his seat House of Representatives last night after failing to turn down a challenge from the state legislator chuck edwards in it North Carolina Republican Primary.

Let’s review some of the scandals plaguing this 26-year-old who was once seen as a rising star of the Republican party:

  • He called Volodymyr Zelenskiy a “thug” after Russia invaded Ukraine.
  • He claimed without evidence that Washington figures he “admired” had invited him to orgies and used cocaine. house minority leader Kevin McCarthy publicly reprimanded Cawthorn for the comment.
  • Police have pulled Cawthorn over for driving citations three times since October.
  • Authorities caught Cawthorn with firearms at airport checkpoints twice since last year, including last month.
  • Videos released in the final weeks of the campaign showed Cawthorn in sexually suggestive poses.

Even with all the fuss, loyal Trump ally Cawthorn still had the backing of donald trump. Just before the primary, Trump posted on his social media site to get voters to back Cawthorn: “She’s made some dumb mistakes recently, which I don’t think she’ll make again… Let’s give Madison a second chance!”

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Primary results: Oz takes on McCormick to test Trump’s power in Pennsylvania

Ahoy there, live blog readers. Happy Wednesday.

Yesterday was the biggest primary night of the year, with voters in five states: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, Idaho Y Kentucky – choosing the candidates at the center of some of this year’s most contentious battles for control of Congress, state chambers and governors’ offices.

At the moment, the race for republican nomination For him yesenar seat in Pennsylvaniaan is shoulder to shoulder with Mehmed Ozthe famous doctor better known as dr ozY Dave McCormick, a former hedge fund boss. Oz, who is backed by donald trumphe is currently trailing McCormick, but the race remains too close.

Many are watching the race to gauge Trump’s enduring control of the Republican party, one of the many tests of the night. While Oz’s race is still too close, Pennsylvania Republicans hand-nominated Trump’s gubernatorial pick: Doug Mastriano – an electoral denier who was outside the united states capitol on 6 January 2021.

Yet in North Carolina, Republicans ousted Trump’s candidate for the Senate: madison cawthorn, the scandal-plagued first-term congressman. But in this very state, the Trump-backed congressman ted budd defeated former governor Pat McCrory and a dozen other candidates for the Republican Senate nomination.

In Idaho, the sitting governor, brad little, defeated his far-right lieutenant governor, Janice McGeachina Trump-backed candidate who twice tried to seize power to ban coronavirus vaccine and mask mandates when Little was out of state on business.

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