US criticizes China and UN human rights chief ahead of Xinjiang visit

“We are deeply concerned about the upcoming visit,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told a news conference, adding that the United States “had no expectation that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) would grant the necessary access to conduct a full investigation.” , unmanipulated assessment of the human rights environment in Xinjiang”.

Price said the United States had made its concerns known to China and to Bachelet, who said she had not heeded repeated calls from the United States and other countries for months to release a staff report on the situation in Xinjiang.

“Despite frequent assurances from your office that the report would be released shortly, it remains unavailable to us,” Price said.

“The High Commissioner’s continued silence in the face of indisputable evidence of atrocities in Xinjiang and other human rights violations and abuses throughout the People’s Republic of China is deeply troubling, particularly as she is and should be the leading… voice on human rights.” he said.

China has denied Western accusations of forced labor and genocide against Uyghurs and has warned other countries not to interfere in China’s internal affairs by criticizing its actions in Xinjiang.

Human Rights Watch said Friday that he and other rights groups had raised concerns that the Chinese government was “manipulating the visit as a public relations stunt.”

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