Ukraine clear favorite and Russia vetoed, Eurovision 2022 is political again

It is no surprise then that, this year, on May 14, the night of the final, Kalush Orchestra sends a clear message to the estimated audience of 180 million with Stefania: “We want to be European”.

The song’s own lyrics seem terrifyingly prophetic: “I’ll always find my way home,” Oleh Psiuk raps, “even if all roads are destroyed.”

Vote for Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Ukraine earned its highest number of points from a country (12) from France, Israel, Italy, Lithuania and Poland, via televoting. Lithuania was the only country to award Ukraine the full 12 points through its professional jury.

Other countries offering points to Ukraine via televoting included Australia, Belgium, Finland, Portugal and Croatia and with continued support for Ukraine, it would not be a surprise to see high points awarded to the country in the 2022 competition.

The UK awarded just four points to Ukraine in 2021, via televoting, but it would not be a surprise to see a higher number awarded this year. Germany, Denmark, Spain and Greece are among other countries that awarded Ukraine fewer points last year; this could also change this year as a show of support.

If he wins, the 2023 contest will, in theory, be held in kyiv; a vote of confidence in Ukraine and its ability to survive Putin’s attack and remain European and, above all, free.

Chris West is the author of Eurovision! A history of modern Europe through the world’s largest song contest (Melville House UK)

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