Toni Kroos reacts sarcastically to the statue of Agüero in Manchester City

Real Madrid player Toni Kroos was amazed by the statue that Manchester City revealed to Argentine star Sergio Agüero.

Yesterday, Manchester City unveiled a statue of club legend Sergio Agüero at the Etihad Stadium, to coincide with the 10th anniversary of winning the English Premier League title.

Manchester City won the English Premier League title in 2012 thanks to Sergio Agüero’s goal in a dead time against Queens Park Rangers, specifically in the 93rd minute and 20 seconds.

For his part, Toni Kroos retweeted the image of Agüero’s statue, through his personal Twitter account, where he wrote: “Are you sure?” With that she meant more the resemblance between him and the statue than Agüero.

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