Thousands Party at Fordham Plaza as Bronx Night Market Returns

Marco Shalma’s hospitality group MASC is firing on all cylinders these days, with the Uptown Night Market in full swing, the massive Harlem Bazaar coming to 125th Street later this month, and several concession concerts popping up across the city. (They provided food and drink for the Orchid Evenings at the Botanic Garden, for example). But last Saturday, Shalma and his crew returned to where it all began five years ago with the happy return of the Bronx Night Market.

“It’s very exciting to be back and we want to continue to grow and improve here,” Shalma told Gothamist around 30 minutes into the opening day festivities. “Because as we’re expanding, to bring the love and joy of what we do to the rest of the city, we need to show how we continue to support the culture of the Bronx, how we continue to support the community of the Bronx. This is what started and No matter where we go, we’re still from the Bronx.”

The Bronx Night Market, which actually takes place during the day, will take over Fordham Plaza on the last Saturday of every month from now through November. Over 60 vendors were on hand for the season opener last weekend, plus a full lineup of artists and DJs on two stages, and a huge crowd showed up, ready to eat, ready to dance, ready to party. .

Many of the familiar favorites were available, both from years past here and from the sister market under the arches of Harlem, including the bronx burger crew throwing those smashing burgers, treat yourself shooting his jerk chicken, hungry dog serving up their irresistibly Instagrammable fried cheese strips, arnie and ebony rolling in his soul food truck, and fillers filling their two-bite tostone cups with all sorts of Latin-inspired delicacies.

More Choice Hits Among MASC Hospitality Veterans: Janae Bullock’s Gooey Slabs of Chewy Dough at Fried Lasagna MomRach Sabron’s fantastic Filipino pig in Patok by RachMexican Chorizo ​​Sandwiches at Sebastian Palafox’s crazy dogsand the sweet and satisfying cakes of Britney Moss in Cupcake Me!. Those who want vegan and/or gluten-free desserts should visit Silvia Vidova’s cakes at culiraw.

All of the above serve top-notch holiday food, but for the most part I ate through all the Bronx Night Market newbies on opening day. Crispy, fiery and deep-fried Bajan Fishcakes at Saundra Crews’ beach-side eatery. Sassy Fish Cakes the tent was excellent, probably the best I had all day. A close second: Natalie Butler’s rich and creamy Buffalo Chicken Mac at the dog bites Market Stall. Next time I will also buy their banana bread pudding.

Other newbies of note here include Annalee Schlossberg potato chips, which you may have tried at his lively Ludlow Street joint, here is served all crispy in a cone with a handy little dipping cup jutting out the side. And the pizza legend of New Jersey Tony Boloney stopped at a truck serving slices and sandwiches.

It’s not just about eating, either. The Bronx Night Market also hosts about 20 merchants, artisans, and designers each month, most of whom, like all the vendors here, “classify themselves as micro, small, POC, immigrant, LGBTQIA+, and women-owned.” “. companies,” according to a MASC representative.

Sherifa Gayle’s hoodies and t-shirts black n ugly remains a personal favourite, but two other positions also deserve special recognition: Germaine and Renatta Owens be the people, where you’ll find the couple’s positive messages (“Good human beings still exist,” for example) about quality clothing; Y For NYC Culture, owned by fourth-grade teacher Doris Galarza, who started her line of clothing and accessories as a counterpoint to the shallow, often overly sexualized stereotypes she saw her students bombard. “Latinas! You have the power to change the world! Believe in yourself!” Read a typical For the Culture product.

The bronx night market runs the last Saturday of every month until November (the next one is May 28) and is open from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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