Thousands gather for Vic’s early morning service

Once again, crowds can gather at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance for the Anzac Day Sunrise Service without COVID-19 restrictions.

Thousands have gathered outside Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance for a traditional Anzac Day Sunrise service without COVID-19 restrictions.

Crowds sat quietly in frigid conditions early Monday to pay their respects to the fallen.

RSL Victoria State President Robert Webster expected the numbers to be slightly lower than pre-pandemic crowds due to the long weekend and school holidays.

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“But one of the messages that we’ve been giving to the broader community is that we have about 270 sub-branches across the state, most of which will be holding a sunrise service or a local march,” he told the AAP. . “So go local.”

Dr. Webster said the COVID-19 restrictions on the Melbourne sunrise service and march in 2021 were difficult for veterans who see Anzac Day as a time to reflect and catch up with their peers.

He said it’s good that everyone can get together again.

Following the dawn service on Monday, veterans will walk through the Melbourne CBD for the traditional Anzac Day march.

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