The second day of “El Salto Final 2022”. “La Capital” is the bride of truths

Abdullah Amer (Abu Dhabi)

The “capital” owned by Hamad Mohammed bin Darbash Al-Amiri culminated the first steps of the era of events, as part of the activities of the annual closing festival of purebred Arabian camels “The Final Al Wathba 2022”, which was celebrated today. at Al Wathba Camel Square in the capital Abu Dhabi on the second day of the festival, which takes place with the participation of thousands of camels, camels, Their Highnesses the Sheikhs and the sons of the tribes, and continues until May 14
The ‘capital’ flew by the rules of the first half of the fact competitions in the evening period, which witnessed the establishment of 10 laps, for a distance of 5 km on the south course, after completing the half distance in a time of 5.55 .08 minutes.
The competitions were held in the production category, which the festival organizing committee wanted to include in the final jumping competitions in recent years, to encourage camel owners to pay attention to halal production to support and develop the camel sport
The second half saw Ali Salem Mutaib Al-Jadan Al-Production’s “Sayyaf” win, posting a time of 5.51.02 minutes, while Taleb Sheryan Al-Marri Namous’s “Nawaid” snatched the third half from him with a time of 6.00.0 minutes, while Hamad Muhammad Saeed Al-Dara’i’s “Al-Maher” snatched the fourth-half title from him. The production timer is 5.55.0 minutes.
The fifth time resulted in the victory of Mohammed Rashid Ghanem Al-Mansoori’s “Injaz”, in first place for Al-Abkar Al-Production, with a time of 5.57.03 minutes. Sultan Balrasheed Al-Suwaidi won Al-Jadan’s seventh game with a time of 5.45.05 minutes, and Suhail Al-Douda’s “Shawaheen” with Al-Aswad Al-Amiri came first in the eighth period with a time of 5.54 .09 minutes, and in the ninth period, Mohammed Rashid Jaber Al-Minhali’s “Attack” came in with a time of 6:00.0 One minute, and the games ended with the victory of Salem Muhammad’s “Al-Ghazal” in Al- Dabaa Al-Ketbi in the tenth game, with a time of 5.58.01 minutes.

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