The Mr. Black Espresso Martini Fest arrives in Miami

Coffee liqueur brand Mr. Black will bring its Espresso Martini Fest to Miami. The week-long national celebration is dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved cocktails.

In Miami, the festival will take place in several local bars when, starting Monday, May 16 and running through Sunday, May 22, Mr. Black partners with some of Magic City’s hottest cocktail bars to offer lovers coffee and cocktails special prices. $12 espresso martinis.

Mr. Black launched Espresso Martini Fest in Australia in 2016, expanding the festival to London in 2018 and to the US for the first time this year. Other participating cities include Chicago, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Houston.

According to Mr. Black co-founder Tom Baker, when Mr. Black first hit the market in 2013, coffee was all but forgotten in the spirits industry.

“And now here we are, working with some of the best bars in the US to showcase that very thing,” says Baker. New Times. “At the first festival in Sydney in 2016, we held it in a big venue and sold out in 90 seconds. This year, over 15,000 people planned to attend the festival in over 100 bars in seven cities in the United States alone. The US. Huge. It’s great to see the US having its coffee cocktail renaissance in 2022.”

It’s a good time, as the espresso martini is becoming Fashion again according to recent coverage of Martha Stewartthe New York Times, inner hookY Forbes.

Next week, Mr. Black’s Espresso Martini Fest will see bartenders from cities across the US shake up their best espresso martini variations. Participating Miami venues this year include Orilla in South Beach, the popular Broken Shaker backyard oasis, Wynwood’s Doya, Better Days, Greenstreet Cafe, Bay 13 Brewery, Sylvester, Beaker & Gray and Scapegoat.

Customers must RSVP to the festival to claim a $12 espresso martini at participating locations and can do so here.

While each bar will rock its own version of the martini, there will be one common ingredient: Mr. Black.

“We place as much importance on the roasting and brewing of the coffee as we do on the creation of the liqueur, and that really comes through in the rich flavor of Mr. Black,” says Baker. “We often hear from bartenders that Mr. Black makes such a great espresso martini for this very reason: it’s not overly sweet or syrupy. Using a cold brew method results in a more robust, sweet profile that really has to do with coffee: think bold, complex and balanced.

Crafted in a coffee roaster and distillery north of Sydney, Australia, Mr. Black is a bittersweet blend of Arabica coffees and Australian wheat vodka. The product, the first of its kind, is made using a completely cold extraction process with no added flavors, fillers or preservatives.

“This drink elicits a love from drinkers like few others. The fact that it has its own festival speaks to the cult status of the espresso martini,” says Baker. “As well as being absolutely delicious, it’s synonymous with good times. It’s worth celebrating.”

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