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In a Stellar exclusive, Kris Jenner sheds light on being a mom vs. momager and how she helped her daughter Kim Kardashian get over the breakup of her marriage to Kanye West.

Since catapulting her family into the public eye 15 years ago, Kris Jenner has helped her daughters build a retail and media giant spanning social media, fashion and television, leading trends in pop culture and generated countless headlines along the way.

In doing so, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch showed that while she was ahead of the curve, she was also a capable student who was willing to learn from her intelligent progeny and support them at all times. (In 2018, this writer witnessed firsthand a radiant 66-year-old Jenner sitting front row at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York, dressed in a white suit and sunglasses, waving as her daughter supermodel Kendall Jenner strutted down the runway like the proud “mom” that she is).

Now, as arguably the most famous family on the planet launches a new TV show, The Kardashiansmultitasking Jenner finds some time in her schedule for an exclusive chat with Stellar.

IIs there a difference between Kris Jenner the mother and Kris Jenner the manager?

Chris Jenner: Well, it’s funny you ask that. [laughs] … We were talking about it with my family. I think Kris Jenner, the mom, always dominates and shines because I can’t stop being a mama bear. I love my children very much.

I will always be very protective and want to “do” for them. Seeing them shine and succeed is the greatest happiness of my life.

Manager, to me, is generating ideas and directions and exploring different ways to manage your brands and finding the right team. They are in control of their own brands, I think. [about] making them realize their own individual dynasties.

I mean, they have their own brands and they’re each in control of this amazing life that they’ve built for themselves, plus their social media platforms and the families that they have now. I’m going back to “mom”, see? For me, it’s about being a mother first and a manager second.

Well, moms go into warrior mode when their kids are going through tough times, right?

KJ: I think we’ve been around for so long that one of the things we all remember is how to have thick skin. Whatever happens in our lives, we are there for each other,

It does not matter that. My children know that I would do anything for them.

But your family still has to deal with critics and trolls on social media, almost around the clock. How do you handle it?

KJ: It’s disappointing, I’m not going to lie. You do your best, you go through life, you work hard, you play hard; I raised my family, my children now have families of their own. We just try to be good people.

The first thing I told them when we started our program 15 years ago was, “Don’t go online. Don’t read the negativity.” These are people who are obviously very unhappy in their own lives when they go online and say mean things.

My grandmother used to always say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.” Those people, being online bullies, it’s always so shocking to me: that people have the desire to criticize other people and sit behind the keyboard.

Do you regret, then, choosing a life in the public eye? Do you ever wish the cameras weren’t there and you were just a normal suburban family living in Los Angeles?

KJ: Well, we’re so crazy that we think we’re a normal family in Los Angeles. [But] I know what you want to say. We love what we do. We’ve been given this great opportunity, it’s once in a lifetime, and I love the fact that we recognize that. I have no regrets.

Kendall and Kylie started filming when they were 9 and 10 years old. I had a very different experience when I was his age; I had “a normal life”, so to speak.

How does your new program work? The Kardashians differ from the 20 seasons of keeping up with the Kardashiansthat ran from 2007 to 2021?

KJ: As much as we loved the experience of To keep up to dateWe have entered this new chapter. We shoot quite differently now and the look of the show is different; It’s more documentary style.

It continues to cover the things that happen in our lives. We have people who have become emotionally involved in our lives. They all like a different one from us, or follow a different one from us, and then together they like us and gravitate towards us as a family. and i think we

see it from a different lens, literally.

There’s a lot of curiosity about how this show will handle Kim’s acrimonious divorce from Kanye West and her new relationship with Pete Davidson. So what can we expect?

KJ: It is also very fresh and new for us. We haven’t been filming that long. As with all relationships in my family, we try to be as transparent as possible.

I think there are a lot of things that happen where we all have definite limits on what we share about another person, because it’s also their privacy. So you really have to consider who else is in the picture and who are we talking about.

It’s still being worked out, so it’s going to be something that the audience will be moving forward with us as we go along.

Speaking of Kim, how have you helped her through the breakup of her marriage?

KJ: When any of us is going through something big in their life, it is very important that we understand that there will not always be many other people who are going through

to understand the situation. So we try to be there for her and pay attention to what’s going on.

We all spend a lot of time together. I know you feel, and you know, that you have the support of your whole family, right? I think she’s doing the best she can to make sure co-parenting works out. She is an amazing mom.

His daughter Kourtney “married” American musician Travis Barker in an unofficial ceremony on April 4. Is the new show really just “98 percent of Kourtney and Travis kissing,” as rumored?

KJ: They close their lips a lot, let’s put it that way.

All of his daughters are successful businesswomen. What have you taught them and what have they taught you?

KJ: For me, teaching them is really about how to build an infrastructure, how to strategize and how to negotiate. They have mastered all the things that really matter about running a business because they are so practical; they are doing things that they really love and are passionate about.

The key to everyone’s success is finding something you love, going out there and figuring out how to make a viable business out of it.

What they have taught me is how to appreciate everything we have worked so hard for. They’ve taught me all about social media and technology, and all the things that I’m kind of dumb about.

I’m old school, I’m so used to doing things the traditional way. [in] marketing and business. And they have taught me a lot about how to stay on top of my game.

On a personal level, how have you managed the difficult moments in your life?

KJ: I’m very strong on the outside and sometimes if I’m going through something really crazy and I need a good cry, you can probably find me in the shower, having a moment.

I have the most amazing boyfriend, Corey. [Gamble, a US business executive and talent manager who she’s been with since 2014]. He is so supportive and strong. He loves my children. We have an amazing life, and I feel lucky to have gotten through the things I’ve been through in my life and be where I am today.

I also believe that everything happens for a reason. I am a great believer that everything is meant to be.

The Kardashians are a global brand, and as the “mom” of the family, you’re the one who made that happen. Is that something you ever expected?

KJ: Did you know? We are so lucky. Every day I am amazed at how far the family has come and how much we have been able to do in the last 15 years.

The girls and their work ethic, and how hard they get up and tackle this grind every day, never cease to amaze me. It’s true what they say: you need a people. I could have all the ideas in the world but if nobody shows up to the party, there is no party.

It’s thanks to us as a unit, working together, that I think everything works, really.

The Kardashians is streaming now on Disney+

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