The FBI used counterterrorism measures to go after concerned parents

During an appearance on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said he had evidence that the FBI targeted parents who protested COVID policies in public schools despite the fact that the Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed that did not happen.

Jordan called it “scary stuff.”

“It appears that he did it because the very apparatus that they put in place with their memorandum setting up the reporting line, then the email that FBI agents sent to agents across the country, that process was used to go after mothers. . and dads, more than two dozen cases,” she said. “And, again, he said that he would not use the government’s anti-terrorism measures to persecute the parents. But that exactly, looks exactly like what they did. And God bless these whistleblowers who came forward and told us about this information. I mean, Maria, in one case, they went after a mother who was in the Moms For Liberty group who actually owned a firearm, which is allowed under our Constitution. And the person who reported her on the snitch line said that those were the reasons why she reported this person. And the FBI is investigating.”

“So this is kind of scary,” Jordan continued. And another thing. Think how fast. Think of the speed and intensity with which the FBI did this and the Department of Justice did this. The school board association sends a letter on September 29 last fall. Five days later, the attorney general sends a memorandum to every single US attorney, every single one of them across the country, telling them: set up this snitch line. And then 16 days after that, the FBI sends out the email saying, set this designation, this threat tag label. All that happens in 22 days, the intensity with which they went after the parents to cool the speech. I’ve never seen the guy, I don’t know if anyone has ever seen the federal government move that fast on anything.”

“But boy, when it comes to spooky speech and hounding moms and dads, they operated at record speed,” he added.

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