Ted Cruz Warns Disney Programming Will Soon Represent Mickey and Pluto F–king

One of the most disturbing aspects of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, which prohibits “classroom discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity” in elementary schools (and, critics say, could apply to grades later), is the idea that simply acknowledging the existence of LGBTQ+ people is somehow inappropriate for children. Obviously, second-grade teachers don’t talk to eight-year-olds about sex, but you wouldn’t know that listening to conservatives, who apparently believe that anyone who opposes this law is basically advocating showing children sexual images. graphics.

Take, for example, Senator tedcruz, who recently suggested that because Disney decided to speak out against Florida’s bigoted legislation, after receiving backlash from its employees for initially refusing to do so, it is obviously going to introduce NC-17 stories into its children’s programming.

In a series of extremely strange comments, even for him, the Texas legislator weighed in on a live recording of his podcast: Verdict with Ted Cruz: “I think there are people who are wrong, trying to drive, you know, Disney stepping in, saying, you know, every episode now they’re going to have, you know, Mickey and Pluto doing it. How really? It’s like, come on guys, these are kids, and you know, you can always switch to Cinemax if you want that. Like, why do you have? I used to be, look, I’m a father. You used to put your kids on the Disney Channel and say, okay, something innocuous is going to happen.”

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Putting aside the fact that Cruz, who once blamed a congressional staffer for “liking” a short pornographic video on his Twitter account, decided to let people know that he turns to Cinemax when looking to have a romantic night with Little Ted, this kind of absurd scaremongering is straight out of the GOP playbook. Clearly, Disney isn’t going to depict “Mickey and Pluto doing it,” but it’s this kind of bullshit that has right-wing conspiracy theorists railing against Disney for allegedly corrupting children. It’s also the kind of thing that opens the door to blatant homophobia, and the idea, pushed lately by Republicans, that talking about the mere existence of LGBTQ+ people is synonymous with “grooming” and being a “propedophile.” (On the podcast, Cruz initially argued that the “hairdresser” attack shouldn’t be used “lightly” by conservatives, and should be reserved for actual pedophiles, before apparently becoming distracted by a desire to attack Disney in a deceptive manner.) Of course, Cruz doesn’t. I seem to have had a problem with the many hypersexualized (but straight) Disney characters from years past. (You’ll have to leave that for mike pence, who famously disagreed with mulan normalize women in the military because it could lead to…sex in the barracks???)

In other “Don’t Say Gay” news, Florida Governor rum desantis-last seen use children as props while signing an anti-abortion bill — has escalated his war against Disney for having the audacity to speak out against harmful legislation. By Politician:

DeSantis announced Tuesday that the GOP-controlled Legislature during this week’s special session will address a bill that would dismantle the special district that has allowed Disney to operate its own local government in central Florida that is home to Walt Disney. DisneyWorld. Lawmakers are already scheduled for a special three-and-a-half day session where they will approve a new congressional map proposed by the governor that will help the GOP win seats in the upcoming election.

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