1,100-pound bomb removed from roof of Kharkiv apartment block

Combat engineers and rescuers removed an unexploded bomb trapped in an apartment building in Kharkiv on Thursday, June 23, Ukrainian officials said. According to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (SES), the unexploded bomb, a FAB-500, weighed 1,100 pounds and was carrying 660 pounds of explosives, enough to demolish the entire nine-story apartment building. A pyrotechnics team … Read more

Images show how a crater crashed into a soccer field in southern Ukraine

Two people were killed and another was injured when shelling by Russian forces hit several buildings in Bashtanka, Ukraine, in the early hours of June 7, the regional government said. Maria Avdeeva’s footage shows heavy damage to the city’s Slaviya football stadium. In the video, Avdeeva describes a crater 10 meters wide. Authorities said government … Read more

Recreational park burns as Kharkiv shelling reported

A woman was injured and an amusement park caught fire when attacks hit central Kharkiv, Ukraine, on May 3, the regional State Emergency Service said. Images posted on the Facebook page of the State Emergency Service on Tuesday show firefighters working to put out the flames at Maxim Gorky Central Park in Kharkiv. The service … Read more

Crews work to extinguish fire after reports of shelling in Kharkiv

Emergency crews worked to extinguish fires and clear debris on April 27, following reports of deadly attacks in the Saltivka area of ​​Kharkiv, Ukraine. Suspilne News published footage showing emergency workers putting out fires and clearing debris as plumes of smoke rise from the fires in Saltivka. According to the head of the Kharkiv military … Read more