Morrison’s love for Murdoch has left ABC in the dust

Scott Morrison has shown an aversion to appearing in ABC interviews, preferring to be represented by the mainstream right-wing media, writes Jeremy Epstein. PRIME MINISTER Scott Morrison recently shocked the good folks at the national broadcaster by turning down their invitation for a pre-election debate with Labor leader Anthony Albanese, instead choosing to have the … Read more

FIN is the real deal in the fight for the anti-corruption commission

While many parties, including Labour, promise a federal ICAC, FIN is the only party truly committed to stamping out government corruption, writes Ross Jones. THE POLITICAL PARTY ICAC Now Federal (FIN) had its beginnings in the pages of Independiente ANAustralia on May 12, 2020. Two years later, in May 2022, the Party is running above … Read more

Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledges that saying ‘I’m not holding a hose, mate’ was not helpful in the ACA interview with Tracy Grimshaw

The prime minister acknowledged his infamous “I don’t have a hose, mate” justification for taking a holiday while Australia burned was “not helpful” as he continues to lean into a belated attempt to recast his character ahead of Saturday’s poll. . Key points: Scott Morrison spoke to Tracey Grimshaw on Channel 9’s A Current Affair … Read more

2022 elections: Anglicare report shows strong tension on minimum wage earners

A shocking situation exists for people working full-time at minimum wage in Australia, new analysis shows. A full-time minimum wage worker is left with just $29 each week after essential expenses, while a family of four earning the same rate of pay is actually $24 short of what they need to survive. Anglicare’s shocking new … Read more

Scott Morrison Promises Change As He Continues To Ravage Us

Scott Morrison has promised changes if he is re-elected, but it is an empty promise after leading Australia to ruin for the last three years, writes Dr. Jennifer Wilson. SEVEN DAYS before an election seems like a peculiar time to announce that you are changing your personality, but that is what Prime Minister Scott Morrison … Read more

Tracy Grimshaw clashes with Scott Morrison in Nine’s A Current Affair ahead of the federal election

Tracy Grimshaw held nothing back in a scorching assessment of Scott Morrison during a fiery interview on Nine’s A Current Affair. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has faced a wild question in a one-on-one confrontation with A Current Affair’s Tracy Grimshaw, who asked him that he had perhaps “exceeded a little” his claim that he saved … Read more

Interview with David Donovan on Morrison’s Pentecostal politics

IAN Founder and publisher David Donovan had a lot to say when asked Tuesday by carby David Barr on the lack of secularism in Australian politics. With much discussion recently about the Seven Mountains Mandate and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate’s appointment of a “spiritual adviser”, the Pentecostal Church has infiltrated our governments and caused … Read more

Prime Minister Scott Morrison interviewed on A Current Affair

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he could have been more “sensitive” during the pandemic to get Australians to come together more on Election Day. Image: NCA NewsWire/Gary Ramage Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted he could have been more “sensitive” during the pandemic to bring Australians closer together. Days before the federal election, Morrison spoke … Read more

Crazy ‘Bulldozer’ Morrison, can you fix it? no you can’t

Is Scott Morrison so delusional, so out of touch with reality, so shortsighted, that he actually believes some of the nonsense he says? Because nothing he says, or so close to nothing as to make no difference, can really be believed or taken at face value. On Saturday, in the fringe Melbourne seat of MP … Read more

Late Night with Ben Harvey: Will Scott Morrison’s Retirement Housing Plan Make a Difference with Voters?

Ben Harvey has analyzed Scott Morrison’s plan to allow Australians to plunder their retirement funds to buy a house. On Monday night’s episode of Up Late, Harvey analyzed the housing affordability plans of both major parties and found an obvious flaw in the Coalition’s. But he said, however, that he could at least understand it, … Read more