Minister Defends Government As Cumbria Planned Coal Mine Called ‘Indefensible’

me Energy Minister Greg Hands has defended the government’s record of cutting coal production, after a senior climate adviser called a proposed Cumbrian coal mine “indefensible”. The chairman of the Climate Change Committee, Lord Deben, called the proposal for a new coal mine in Cumbria “absolutely indefensible”. Energy and Clean Growth Minister Hands said on … Read more

Passport delay committee co-chair wants something ‘tangible’

The co-chair of a new cabinet committee tasked with tackling massive delays in passport processing says she would like to see “something tangible in the coming weeks”. Speaking at a funding announcement in Toronto on Tuesday, Women and Gender Equality Minister Marci Ien said the committee will first speak to ministers responsible for archives, including … Read more

Lissie Harper: I know the husband of a slain police officer will be proud of the law change

T The widow of slain police officer Andrew Harper said she believes he is “smiling on me with pride and love” after her memorial campaign was signed into law. Lissie Harper, 31, was forced to lobby the government after being “outraged” at the prison sentences handed out to the three teenagers responsible for killing her … Read more

Former Alberta PM recalls ‘horrible’ sexism, homophobia

EDMONTON—Alberta’s first female prime minister denounced “just horrible” sexism, racism and homophobia within the government she served in until 2014, while criticizing the current provincial government for being an old men’s club. Alison Redford governed the province from 2011 until 2014 when she resigned, ending a scandal-plagued term marked by infighting and division within her … Read more

Conservatives back Prime Minister’s plan to rip up Northern Ireland Brexit deal despite criticism

B. Oris Johnson’s attempt to effectively break parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol has cleared its first hurdle in the House of Commons, with no Tory MP voting against it despite warnings that the plans are illegal. MPs voted 295-221, with a majority of 74, to give the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill a second reading, … Read more

Australian emissions rise in 2021: report

CANBERRA, June 27 (Xinhua) — Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions increased in 2021, government data revealed. According to the December 2021 National Greenhouse Gas Inventory update, which was released on Monday, Australia produced 488 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2021, an increase of 0.8 percent from 483.9 million of 2020. Emissions from the power sector … Read more

New Jersey bills seek to make abortion more affordable and expand protections for out-of-state travelers

New Jerseyans will retain access to abortion, as Governor Phil Murphy enshrined abortion rights in state law in January prior to the Supreme Court’s final decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In the months since Murphy signed the “Reproductive Freedom of Choice Act,” the governor and several other Democratic lawmakers have sought to expand anti-abortion … Read more

Boris Johnson wants to stay in Downing Street until 2030

B. Oris Johnson has said he plans to be prime minister in the 2030s, even though conservative critics planned to oust him after voters rejected the Tories in a double defeat in the by-election. The prime minister insisted he was “actively thinking” about running in the next two general elections to become the longest-serving post-war … Read more

Gun Control: Pennsylvania Republicans Sen. Pat Toomey and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick Vote Democrats on New Legislation

Two Republican congressmen from Pennsylvania joined Democrats to help pass a bill that strengthened the nation’s federal gun control laws for the first time in nearly three decades. Sen. Pat Toomey and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick are among 29 Republican lawmakers who crossed partisan lines to support the bill signed into law by President Joe Biden … Read more

Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish lead celebrity reactions to Roe v Wade decision

A flurry of celebrity horror reactions has emerged in response to the US Supreme Court decision that will deprive millions of people of the right to abortion.