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click to enlarge DANNY WICENTOWSKI Brennan England is the founder of Cole’s Private Lounge and the St. Louis Cannabis Club. When it comes to the Missouri medical marijuana market, everything turns green. Bad pun? Perhaps, but it accurately refers to the profits the industry is making. Since the dispensaries opened their doors in October 2020, … Read more

Workers ‘still not convinced’ of need to decriminalize cannabis, says Ed Miliband

Labor is “still not convinced” of the need to decriminalize cannabis, Ed Miliband has said. The former leader, who previously backed the legalization of the drug, spoke out after a dispute erupted over Sadiq Khan’s decision to set up a commission to look into the issue. The Mayor of London announced during a visit to … Read more

The DEA Emoji Drug Guide Made Us Realize How Bad Weed Emojis Are

The DEA is aware of your emojis on the weed, so be careful. With the help of federal investigators, the Drug Enforcement Administration compiled a list of emojis that reflect common examples of drugs. Most of the guide focuses on emojis that the DEA believes represent prescription drugs like Adderall, oxycodone, and Percocet. Symbols for … Read more

Miami’s first medical marijuana dispensary can finally open

Medical marijuana is legal in the District of Columbia, four US territories and 37 states, including Florida, which legalized medical marijuana through a constitutional amendment six years ago. But for years, the City of Miami has repeatedly blocked a businessman’s attempt to open a medical marijuana dispensary in downtown Miami, citing the federal Controlled Substances … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Sadiq Khan Faces Backlash From Workers Over Cannabis Ad

Sadiq Khan is facing backlash from the shadow cabinet after he set up a commission to look into UK cannabis laws. The mayor of London made the announcement during a trip to the United States. Former Labor leader Lord Falconer will chair the new body, which will make recommendations on what more can be done … Read more

Russian detention of WNBA star Brittney Griner extended by 1 month after court appearance, lawyer says

MOSCOW – WNBA star Brittney Griner’s lawyer said Friday that her pre-trial detention in Russia has been extended by a month. Alexander Boykov told The Associated Press that he believed the relatively short length of detention indicated the case would come to trial soon. She has been detained for almost three months. She appeared at … Read more

Aurora Cannabis to close Aurora Sky facility in Edmonton

As part of its cost-saving plans outlined in its third-quarter results, Aurora Cannabis announced Thursday that it would close its Aurora Sky facility in Edmonton. “We will continue to employ a talented team in Alberta, operate an office in Edmonton, and remain committed to our business in Canada in general,” Aurora Cannabis VP of Communications … Read more

Cannabis License Approved for Michigan’s Hoxeyville Music Festival | A batsman | Detroit

click to enlarge courtesy photo Revelers at Michigan’s Hoxeyville Music Festival. Northern Michigan’s long-running Hoxeyville Music Festival says it will have an official cannabis partner for the first time this year. The American and roots music festival, held on 150 acres of farmland near Wellston’s Manistee National Forest, celebrates its 20th anniversary this August. Festival … Read more

Miami Cannabis Lawyer Explains How to Host a Marijuana-Laced Wedding Without Getting Arrested

For certain types of stoners, a cannabis-laced wedding reception sounds like a fun time. But guests at Danya Svoboda’s wedding who unknowingly ate THC-containing food and called the fire department because they felt “high” and “weird,” might report otherwise. Svoboda and her supplier, Jocelyn Grant, were arrested last Thursday in the central Florida city of … Read more

Experts review cannabis for link to psychosis

Experts are beginning to examine a potential link between high-potency cannabis products and risks to mental health and psychosis, according to a report by NBC News. With the nationwide legalization of cannabis coming before the Senate, it is important to note that several marijuana products have high levels of THC, which is the prominent psychoactive … Read more