“I don’t give a fuck if they have guns”: White House aide gives stunning testimony of the day Trump incited the attack on Capitol Hill

Furious that he couldn’t storm the Capitol with his supporters on January 6. donald trump physically assaulted a member of his security detail and tried to grab the steering wheel of the car he was in, a former White House aide said in explosive public testimony Tuesday. According to Cassidy Hutchinsonformer assistant to Trump’s chief … Read more

Gosar’s Jan. 6 claims don’t scare big-dollar backers

On January 6, 2021, a mob of supporters of former President Donald Trump attacked the United States Capitol, disrupting a joint session of Congress called to count the electoral votes that would formalize Trump’s defeat. “This is for you!” barked Congressman Dean Phillips, a Minnesota Democrat, at fellow Arizona Republican Paul Gosar as Capitol Police … Read more

January 6 hearing: Trump is an even more brazen criminal than previously thought

At this point in history, some 19 months after the 2020 election and 17 months after the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, it is hard to imagine more evidence emerging to incriminate donald trump in his plot to steal a second term. And yet, somehow, he does! That’s largely thanks to the work … Read more

Report: New DOJ Subpoenas Take “Potentially Significant Step Closer” To Catching Trump

It is donald trump going to be held responsible, in the criminal sense of the word, for attempting to overturn the results of a free and fair election, a plot that culminated in a literal insurrection that left several people dead? If you’ve been paying attention to the January 6 hearings, or have lived the … Read more

Arizona Rep Who Detailed Trump’s Illegal Plot To Steal The Election Says He Would Vote For Trump In 2024

On Tuesday afternoon, the January 6 committee began its fourth public hearing with testimony from the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives. Rusty bowers. Addressing the panel’s questions slowly and deliberately, Bowers provided a detailed description of the lobbying campaign of donald trump and his allies to investigate his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud … Read more

“I will not break my oath”: How Republican state officials became targets for choosing democracy over Trump

In damning and sometimes emotional testimony before the Jan. 6 committee Tuesday, election officials told investigators that donald trump and their allies subjected them to an intense pressure campaign to undermine the will of the people in the swing states they lead after the 2020 vote, a desperate effort they resisted, despite explicit threats from … Read more

January 6 Committee Witnesses Detail Trump’s Vile Lies That Ruined Their Lives

During the committee’s fourth public hearing on January 6, the American people heard, once again, the elaborate lengths to which donald trump and his allies went on to overturn the results of the 2020 election. That effort included pressure campaigns on people like Arizona state representative rusty roundabouts, who is trump’s lawyer John Eastman urged … Read more

Report: Trump Plan To Avoid Prison Is To Throw His 1/6th Co-Conspirator Under A Bus

donald trump had many suspected accomplices in his attempt to overturn the 2020 election results, looking at you Rudy Giuliani Y Sidney Powell—but none other than John Eastman, the conservative lawyer author of a six-step plan for mike pence to block the certification of Joe Biden‘To swim. as a federal judge david carter wrote in … Read more

Stephen Colbert sets the record straight by committing ‘puppetry in the first degree’

Are you curious why various staff members from the late show, as well as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, were arrested at the Capitol last week? Stephen Colbert he is more than happy to explain. Contents This content can also be viewed on the site it came from. In his opening monologue on Monday night, … Read more