Sydney kids were offered $20 to go with an older man

This is the moment, captured on film, when a group of children banded together to send a suspected predator running after them.

A group of children scared a man who allegedly offered them $20 to ‘go with him’ at a local park.

In video footage, children are seen recording the man with their mobile phones at Lionel Watts Reserve in Belrose, north of Sydney, last Thursday.

One woman, whose son was in the park, said it was “super creepy.”

“$20 to go with him because he had a surprise,” Michelle told 7 News.

“Fortunately, the children were smart enough to know that was not right.”

The group of seven children challenged the man, taking photos and videos of the moments after the awkward incident.

“I’m also very impressed that they had the intelligence to do that,” added Michelle.

Another concerned parent who was at the park on Saturday praised the children for their actions.

“It’s fantastic to see,” he said. “Particularly if they come in a group of friends, I think kids are reasonably good these days at knowing how to handle these kinds of situations.”

Police are investigating whether the same man also offered money to teenage girls at the nearby Glenrose Village shopping center, according to 7 News.

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