Suspected Dallas Beauty Salon Shooter Faces New Charges – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Jeremy Smith, the man accused of opening fire on seven people inside an Asian-owned hair salon last week and wounding three women, faces four more charges Wednesday morning.

Dallas police arrested Smith, 36, Monday afternoon while working a temporary landscaping job in DeSoto and later charged him with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the May 11 shooting.

In a statement Wednesday morning, Dallas police said the four additional charges stem from the other four people inside the hall who were not injured in the attack.

Smith is currently behind on bonds totaling $300,000 for the three charges filed Tuesday. A magistrate is expected to set bail on the additional charges sometime Wednesday.

According to the arrest document, Smith’s girlfriend told police that he was involved in an accident with an Asian driver a couple of years ago and has since “almost had panic attacks when around someone of Asian descent.” “. He added that he had been admitted to medical facilities after “having delusions that the Asian mafia was after him or trying to harm him.” The woman said she, too, had been fired from a job after verbally attacking an Asian boss.

Dallas police said the shooting may have been a hate crime. The investigation is ongoing.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said shootings at two other Asian-owned businesses where the gunman was driving a red minivan similar to Smith’s are still under investigation.

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