Susan Nussbaum, 1953-2022 – Chicago Reader

Editor’s note: Chicago playwright, novelist, actress, director and disability rights activist Susan Nussbaum died on April 28 of pneumonia at age 68. Playwright Mike Ervinwho collaborated with Nussbaum as co-author of the comedy magazine The Brave and Brave Show and whose 1999 work, The history of bowlingit was directed by Nussbaum, recalls his friend and mentor.

Everyone should read Susan Nussbaum’s novel good kings bad kings right now. Drop everything you’re reading or doing.

Not only will it be one of the most satisfying reads you’ve had in a long time, but you’ll understand why so many of us in the disability community are so heartbroken by his recent death.

When you read Susan’s book, you’ll hear clear and powerful voices telling the story of disabled teens in Chicago who have been abandoned in a state-run, segregated, dead-end school for disabled youth. In the end, you will be sad that there is not more of this writing to come.

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