State TV says Iran thwarted cyberattacks on public services

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s state television said authorities have thwarted massive cyberattacks aimed at targeting public services, both government and private.

The Sunday night report said Iran thwarted attacks that planned to target the infrastructure of more than 100 public sector agencies. He did not elaborate or name specific examples of public sector agencies, organizations or services, but said the incidents occurred in recent days.

The report says that the unnamed parties behind the cyberattacks used internet protocols in the Netherlands, Britain and the United States to organize the attacks.

Iran occasionally announces cyberattacks targeting the Islamic Republic as world powers scramble to revive a tattered nuclear deal with Tehran.

In October, an assault on Iran’s fuel distribution system paralyzed gas stations across the country, leading to long lines of angry motorists stuck in long lines and unable to obtain subsidized fuel for days. In July, a cyberattack on Iran’s rail system caused chaos and delays for trains.

Iran took much of its government infrastructure offline from the Internet after the Stuxnet computer virus, believed to be a joint creation of the United States and Israel, disrupted Iranian centrifuges at the country’s nuclear sites in the late 2000s.

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