Starstruck Season 2 Release Date Revealed for British Rom-Com Series

Finally, the stars are aligning. HBO Max has announced a premiere date for the second season of rom-com series Starstruck. Creating an unproductive Thursday for us, the streamer announced their plans to release all six episodes of the upcoming season on March 24.

From the mind of comedian Rose Matafeowho also stars in the hilarious series, Season 1 of Starstruck took us into the world of Jessie (Matafeo), a New Zealand millennial who currently calls East London home. The debut season took viewers through Jessie’s life which got extremely complicated after a seemingly innocuous one-night-stand with a stranger. When it’s brought to light that Jessie’s hookup, Tom (Nikesh Patel) is actually a movie star, the feelings the two had bubbling to the surface only become more complicated. After an entire season of back and forth drama, which we suggest you watch for yourself as it’s a series not to be missed, the last episode of the first season left viewers on a bit of a cliffhanger. With Jessie planning to return to New Zealand, our last look at the will-they-won’t-they couple was them choosing to stay on a bus together rather than exiting at Jessie’s stop.


Season 2 promises viewers just as many ups and downs as the first season all while further exploring the connection between Jessie and Tom. The trailer reveals Jessie and Tom’s relationship being put to the test amidst the mounting pressure that Tom faces in his career as well as from his family. Likewise, Jessie will be on the hot seat after a past romantic entanglement comes back to haunt her. With all of these circumstances it will stand to be seen if the couple is able to make it through the second season intact.

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Along with Matafeo, the series was penned by Alice Snedden and Nick Sampson. Joining Matafeo and Patel to fill out the cast are minnie driver, emma sidi, Russell Tovey, joe barnes, Al Roberts, ambreen razia, Alice Snedden, Lola-Rose Maxwell, Nick Sampson, Edward Easton, Parth Thakerarand jordan stephens. A triple threat, adding executive producer to her list of jobs on StarstruckMatafeo is joined on that side of things by Jon Thoday, Richard Allen Turner, Rob Aslettand Toby Welch. Claire McCarthy is the series producer alongside Avalon.

With all the fun audiences had tuning into the first season of Starstruck, we are waging a bet that the second season will deliver just the same. If you haven’t yet seen it, or just need to get caught up before the second season premieres on March 24, you can find the entire first season now on HBO Max. Check out the trailer for Starstruck Season 2 below.


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