Stadium of the final of the CAF Champions League. How does Egypt’s Al-Ahly plan?

Al-Ahly’s board of directors will hold an emergency meeting in the next few hours to make the final decision on the 2022 African Champions League final stadium crisis.

The decision by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to hold the final match of the African Champions League at Morocco’s Mohammed V complex for the second consecutive year angered Al-Ahly officials.

Al-Ahly announced the holding of an emergency meeting of the board of directors and the football company, on Sunday afternoon, to make the final decision on the stadium crisis.

The team qualified for the Champions League final for the third time in a row, after beating ES Setif of Algeria by an aggregate score of 6-2, to face Wydad, who beat Petro Atlético de Angola with a total score. from 4-2, on May 30.

CAF Champions League Final Stadium

Egyptian media Hani Hathout said that Al-Ahly announced the submission of a complete file to the Sports Court, to present all the legal facts related to the situation.

He added that there are voices within Al-Ahly, specifically within the football business, that have started to come out and talk about the possibility of offering the option to withdraw during the meeting, in order to preserve the rights of the club.

But the journalist, Ahmed Schubert and former leader of Al-Ahly, spoke about all the options that will be presented in the emergency and next meeting, and the most outstanding decisions that are expected from the Board of Directors.

In this regard, he said, “The board of directors will meet in full, in addition to the football company, in the presence of Yassin Mansour, Mustafa Murad Fahmy, Alaa Abdel Sadiq, Amr Shaheen and Saad Shalaby (Executive Director), to discuss the end-stage crisis.

He continued: “What will be presented at the meeting table? First, the principle of the withdrawal of the team from the match will be imposed in advance, even if the idea is raised, because Al-Ahly will not withdraw from the final in any way.” . .”

He added: “Al-Ahly will discuss all the legal ways to escalate by going to the Sports Court, or making the Egyptian Football Association fully responsible, but the Al-Ahly administration will make the decision to play the match and the decisions will be to preserve rights only.”

He continued: “Al-Ahly will demand referee justice in the Wydad match, and the request to bring referees from Europe will be very difficult, as this has not happened before, and there are no regulations about it, and therefore the referees will be of within Africa”.

He stressed: “The Al-Ahly administration will demand to preserve the rights of its fans in the African Champions League final, and divide the stands, to achieve parity between the two teams in the final.”

And he concluded: “Al-Ahly will play the final of the African Champions League in Morocco, and the matter has become a reality, and everyone must prepare well for the match, to achieve the third consecutive championship and the 11th in its history. ”

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