Spider-Man Star Andrew Garfield Takes a Break From Acting to “Be a Little Normal for a While”

Andrew Garfield is ready to take a break. The actor has been going non-stop for the last year or so with Tammy Faye’s eyes Y Tick, tick… boom!

Now you can see him in Under the banner of heavena limited series adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s 2003 true crime book of the same name.

Garfield plays a Mormon detective investigating the brutal murder of a mother (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and her young daughter at the hands of fundamentalist followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Andrew Garfield wants to lead a normal life for a while away from Hollywood. (Getty Images for the Tony Pro Awards)

“I’m going to get some rest,” Garfield told Variety. “I need to recalibrate and reconsider what I want to do next and who I want to be and just be a little bit of a person for a while. Because as you know, that’s a washing machine, that awards season.”

Not that he’s complaining about recognition: “I need to be a little normal for a while.”

With a mixture of religion and murder, Under the banner of heaven it is anything but light material.

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“I think it was actually a necessity for us to have game nights and go to nature and hikes and you know swimming and snorkeling and lakes and dancing and eating good food so that we could really come back and give ourselves completely. [to the work]said Garfield, who earned his second Oscar nomination for tick, tick. “We had to keep taking care of ourselves in order to take care of history.”

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Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. (Sony images)

The series, written by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black and directed by David Mackenzie, is not Garfield’s first foray into television. One of his first jobs was when he was 21 on a UK show called Sugar rush.

“I remember getting that first gig on TV and knowing I was going to be paid to perform in a way that I could pay my rent and I could have the occasional nice meal a month,” she recalled.

“I remember going out with my friends that night and just celebrating. We went to a club called Turnmills. It got messy. I was so happy.”

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