Simon Cowell says he was ‘terrified’ of work-related burnout

Simon Cowell said he was “terrified” by the exhaustion of his production company’s management and decided to put his health first.

The music mogul and TV personality said he wanted to spend more time with his eight-year-old son, Eric, instead of maintaining his “unhealthy workaholism.”

Cowell, 62, told The Sun: “I made the decision that my main job would be to be on television, not run a production company.

“Everything was becoming too much.

“If I’m honest, I was very nervous from exhaustion. I didn’t feel sick, I was just terrified that this would happen to me.


The music mogul told The Sun he didn’t want to keep his ‘unhealthy addiction to work’ (Steve Parsons/PA)

“I’m a big believer in doing something before something bad happens, rather than waiting for something bad to happen.”

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot for the last two years. I’ve seen it happen to people, close friends of mine, who get burned out and you don’t want to be in that place.

It comes after the television judge fell on the handlebars of his electric bike, without wearing a helmet, during a ride near his home in west London in February this year.

Cowell was photographed with his arm in a yellow cast covered in scribbles by Eric, whom he shares with fiancée Lauren Silverman.

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The accident was his second on an electric bike, following an accident in August 2020 in which he broke his back and underwent six hours of surgery to insert a metal bar.


Cowell was photographed with his arm in a yellow cast covered in scribbles by his son, after falling off his bike (James Manning/PA)

Shortly after the incidents, he was forced to miss Britain’s Got Talent auditions after testing positive for coronavirus.

He told The Sun: “Because of Covid it had a huge impact on everyone and what I took away from it was that you have to put your health first.

“You have to make it your number one priority.”

Cowell said one consequence of reducing her workload was that she was able to spend more time with her son, picking him up from school and having dinner with him every night.

“He is really a sweet boy and I love him to death,” she said.

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