Seth Meyers grills Tucker Carlson on ‘incredibly stupid’ conspiracy theory

The “Late Night” host played snippets from episodes of Carlson’s show to prove his point. On January 1, Carlson called for evidence of “criminal white supremacy” and “right-wing domestic terrorism.”

“Of course, it doesn’t exist,” Carlson said.

In a 2019 episode of Carlson’s show, he claimed that white supremacy was a “hoax.” Meyers then pointed out that you don’t have to be a regular member of a white supremacist organization to be a white supremacist.

“It’s not Costco, you can be a white supremacist without being an official member,” Meyers said. “The same way you can watch movies without having a Blockbuster card.”

Check out the rest of Meyers’ part below:

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