Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese Campaigns Continue; Solomon Islands-China Agreement criticized by Penny Wong; Text by Katherine Deves denied by Dominic Perrottet; leaders debate to take place

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet says it “doesn’t matter” that he has different views from his treasurer after text messages between him and the premier about comments made by the premier were leaked to the media. Warringah’s Liberal candidate, Katherine Deves.

The private texts, between Perrottet and Morrison and reported for the first time by Tthe australianrevealed that the prime minister this week assured the prime minister that he had his support when it came to Deves and the issues surrounding women’s sport.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet with Health Minister Brad Hazzard (behind) announcing changes to COVID isolation rules today. Credit:Rhett Wyman

Earlier this week, the prime minister backed Deves, saying he would support her and not allow her to be silenced. As regular readers of this blog will know, Deves has come under fire for comments she has made in the past about transgender people and Wear it Purple LGBTQ awareness day.

Perrottet’s support for the prime minister puts him at odds with his NSW treasurer, Matt Kean, who yesterday led calls to disapprove of Deves due to his controversial comments.

“My position is very clear. I did it today, and as I said to Scott, on the substance, the substantive nature of this issue, I agree with him,” Perrottet told reporters today.


“There may be others in my party who do not agree. Does not matter. I enjoy, as a liberal people, having different points of view on different issues.”

Deves has come under heavy internal criticism in recent days due to his earlier online comments, which have since been deleted, invoking Nazism and the Stolen Generation. Deves runs a lobby group, Save Women’s Sport, which opposes the inclusion of trans women in women’s sport.

“Obviously from my position I have made it very clear that I think girls should play sports against girls and women should play sports against women,” Perrottet said.

“But… we in public, as politicians in the media, have an obligation in these areas of debate to engage in a sensitive way, particularly in areas that are incredibly sensitive.”

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