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The travel and tourism movement is preparing to start a new active and prosperous season after entering the Corona recovery stage after more than two lean years in which the pandemic imposed its word and caused heavy losses to the sector throughout the world, and even caused the total collapse of many countries that depended on the tourism sector as the only main resource of their economy.
Our proposal today is not related to those perspectives, as we are in a homeland of positivity and challenges, but rather about the distinctive fingerprints of Emiratis in the travel and tourism industry, which made travel seen by parents and grandparents as a “piece of torment”, a beautiful and pleasant experience.
A few days after one of the most successful editions of the 29th Arabian Travel Market, which had more than 23,000 visitors, we had an appointment with Airport Show 2022.
The exhibition was attended by 1,500 exhibitors from 150 countries, with a growth rate of more than 100%, 16% this year alone.
I dwelled on the speech of Lieutenant General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of Dubai Residence, before the World Airport Leaders Forum 2022, which accompanied the Airports Expo, that: Dubai airports operate according to an integrated system, which is considered the best in the world, and that 90% of passenger procedures are carried out before their arrival at the Passport counter, and 100 million passengers have used the smart doors in Dubai airports, since its installation in 2019 and until the end of last March, after the Administration set up 122 smart gates at Dubai airports, which serve as passport clerks, as most travelers do not require the passport officer to pass, until arrival. at the door of the plane, through the smart travel portal, and the matter has proven its efficiency and during the “Covid-19” crisis.
The famous saying of Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marri became a working method when he said: “Our traveler suffers and is not humiliated”, a translation of the vision of the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, that the airport is not a transit point for travel but a bridge. One of the bridges of civilized and human communication between humans, and thanks to everyone who made the travel experience an integrated pleasure.

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