Russia prepares ‘Colony No 97 in Makiivka’ for ‘Azov Nazis’, Ukrainian official says

A member of the Ukrainian delegation to the former Minsk Trilateral Contact Group said that the Ukrainian soldiers evacuated from Azovstal are being held captive in the Russian-occupied Donetsk People’s Republic.

Sergey Garmash, who is also a journalist and a native of Donbas, told Current Time TV that seriously injured defenders from Mariupol have been transferred to the border city of Novoazovsk, now under the control of Russian-backed separatists, while another 211 people to Yelenovka.

“I was informed from Donetsk that they started preparing colony No. 97 in Makiivka specifically, as they said, for ‘Nazis from Azov’, from Mariupol, to be more precise,” Garmash told the news outlet. He added that the people brought to Yelenovka could have ended up in filtration camps.

Garmash had previously shared his views on the evacuation on Facebook. He said that changing the soldiers was a good idea, but “let’s call things by his name”.

“The very fact that they took people out of Azovstal, where they would have simply killed them, is positive. But let’s call the bread by its name. The subject of the exchange, it seems to me, is not so clear. Today I heard statements from the State Duma on this matter. I want us to be realistic about these things and not get a big victory with a practically forced movement. People were forced to surrender to avoid death,” he added.

The speaker of the Russian parliament said Tuesday that he would consider banning the exchange of Russian prisoners of war for captured members of Ukraine’s Azov Regiment.

Although Ukrainian officials have not used the word surrender and say a prisoner swap will be discussed, Garmash said one must be “critical of everything.” “We understand very well that if Russia wanted to immediately take and exchange these people, they would exchange them. But for some reason, our military was taken to the territory of the so-called DPR, in fact, to filter camps,” he said. aggregate.

He explained the possibility of exchanging the Azov regiment. “I will not say that I do not believe in the possibility of a trade. I doubt the possibility of exchanging members of the Azov Regiment directly. With the exchange of representatives of the National Police and border guards, there may not be any problem. At first. But I don’t think it will be soon. Not for nothing were they sent to the so-called DPR,” he added.


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