Russian forces may have opened fire on Israeli planes in Syria, according to reports.

The alleged attack is believed to have taken place in Syria on Friday last week, according to Israeli authorities. Channel 13 news.

news week has not been able to independently verify whether the attack took place and whether it was an act of Russian forces.

The unsourced report alleges that Russia used its S-300 anti-aircraft missiles when Israeli planes struck targets in northwestern Syria.

On Friday night, at least five people were killed and seven wounded in the suspected airstrike, according to Syria’s state news agency. However, other media in the country claimed that six people died.

Reports indicated that the Syrian army fired dozens of anti-aircraft missiles at the Israeli planes. In addition to this, Syrian S-300 batteries, which are operated by the Russian military and cannot fire without its approval, were also used against the planes.

news week has contacted the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.

This is an ongoing story.

A Russian army BUK anti-aircraft system takes part in a rehearsal for the World War II Victory Parade in Moscow on April 29, 2019. Russia has opened fire on Israeli planes over Syria, according to reports.
Mladen Antonov/Getty Images