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The queen, famous for her love of horses and horse racing, was photographed this week at the Windsor Horse Show, but the monarch was once labeled an “old darling” and was initially told she couldn’t attend the prestigious event, reports say. .

Her Majesty was seen beaming in fine form on Friday attending her beloved Windsor Horse Show, which takes place in the shadow of her Windsor Castle residence.

But in 1991, the Queen arrived as usual only to have a run-in with a security guard. The guard insisted that the monarch was not allowed to enter.

According to Hello, the guard said, “Sorry love, you can’t get in without a sticker.”

His Majesty was unfazed by the incident and responded using his famous sense of humor.

He reportedly said, “I think if you check, I’ll be allowed in.”

The guard later said that he thought the Queen was “an old darling” who had gone missing.

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