Rome’s Spanish Steps Damaged by Maserati Driver, Saudi Man Charged – New York Daily News

This is not what the Romans do.

A man from Saudi Arabia drove his rented Maserati through Rome’s famous Spanish Steps and was charged with a crime, CNN reported.

Several of the 300-year-old steps were damaged by the 37-year-old’s disastrous driving Tuesday night, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

The unidentified man claimed he simply took a “wrong turn” and ended up on the stairs, Italian media reported. Surveillance video captured the luxury car coming to a stop halfway up the stairs.

Police tracked the man down through the rented vehicle, according to CNN. He was arrested Friday at Milan airport while returning the car.

The man was charged with aggravated damage to cultural and monumental heritage.

The Plaza de España is used daily by tourists and Romans, but it is not designed for cars. A few years ago, a major restoration project was completed on the staircase, which gets its name from a Spanish embassy at the top.

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