Robert Downey Jr. Gives a Thumbs Up to Courteney Cox’s Cleaning Line

For Anita Thai.

6 hours ago

Robert Downey Jr. is showing his support for Courteney Cox.

In a flashy Instagram ad for his Homecourt products, the actor gave the supplies a thumbs up.

He captioned the post: “Tired of dull home care products? Join me and switch to @homecourt, for my friend @courteneycoxofficial.”

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Accompanying the post was a 15-second video of Downey cleaning his marble countertop with some of the products. When he smells the scent, he makes a shocked expression and gives a thumbs up.

“Cruelty-free vegan materials, great-smelling staples like Steeped Rose Liquid Hand Soap, Neroli Leaf Dish Soap, and (my favorite) Cypress Mint Surface Cleaner… try them once and you might, too.” obsess,” he added.

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Cox launched its Homecourt line in January 2021 and said People was partially inspired by her love of interior design and her love of mixing scents.

“You’re so much at home now that I was like, ‘Why not make your home as important as yourself, your body, your face?'” she said.

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