Residents of York suburb warned of rat infestation

The PEOPLE of South Acomb have been warned of a possible rat infestation in the area.

Council pest control officers have sent letters to all residents in the area of ​​Danebury Drive, Ostman Road, Viking Road and Tostig Avenue warning that there has been an “increase in sightings of rats”.

The letter says parcel and park managers have been contacted so they can “inspect green spaces and take appropriate action.”

But he adds: “I am requesting that all residents take steps to address the issue and prevent further action from being required.”

People who live in the area are asked to:

  • clean up all food and rubbish from gardens and sheds
  • stop feeding the birds
  • make sure there is no food waste in the recycling boxes
  • make sure drains are well covered
  • place child safe bait boxes to kill rats
  • make periodic inspections of the garden for signs of rats. These could include rat holes, burrows, and droppings.

The letter does not say what has caused the infestation or what additional steps the council is taking to address the problem.

The press has contacted the council for more details.

Adele Goodwill, who lives on Danebury Drive, said she saw a rat in her yard last year, but hadn’t seen one since and hadn’t realized there was an infestation.

He stopped feeding the birds when he saw the rat and hasn’t fed them since, he said.

He said he was worried about the idea of ​​a rat infestation.

“I’m terrified of rats. They’re my worst phobia!” she said.

Adele said her grandchildren had been playing Easter egg hunt in the garden.

“I’ll have to make sure they find all the eggs and don’t leave any in the garden!” she said.

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